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 Our company develops and manufactures industrial camera systems for a
 number of specific applications, e.g.

 Furnace camera systems, designed for observation of combustion processes,
 the inspection of annealing, combustion- and melting, heating and sintering
 processes as well as material guidance in hot zones.

 Infrared cameras- and camera systems for control and protection of tempera-
 ture relevant plant regions and facility units.

 Generally such cameras systems apply for use in cement industry, for moni-
 toring of rotary kiln head and clinker cooler. For flame inspection of burners
 in boilers and fluid-slag tap in power industry. Furthermore for control of
 grate firing in waste- and biomass combustion facilities and for monitoring
 melting tubs in glass- and heavy industry. Infrared cameras detect e.g. boiler-
 or kiln walls or combustible dumps. They also supply process data for control
 and prevent possible damages due to superheat.

 Cameras used here, are sensitive in visible- or infrared radiation range and
 afford exposition of process in b/w-, color- or pseudo-color images.

 For facility observation, the complete scope of supply of CCTV-cameras
 and accessories is available, accessorily auxiliaries for operation of cameras
 under heavy and complex environmental conditions.

 In 2003, our company took over the complete fire probe camera business
 from SIEMENS BT, a business which SIEMENS successfully carried on for
 more  than 30 years. During this period, some hundred camera systems
 have been supplied all over the world.

 Staff members of our company offer long term experience in development,
 design, engineering and implementation of technical equipment for industrial
 applications under consideration of national and international industrial
 Our camera systems are being continuously matched to topical technical


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